Email Marketing

email marketing

EMAIL MARKETING can be a great way for your medical practice to increase your patient volume and it is one of the most efficient medical marketing services on the market. However, in order to avoid falling into the SPAM category, its important that you take the time to build a thoughtful and informative Email Marketing Campaign that will benefit your readership.

here are several questions to ask yourself when considering starting a medical marketing email campaign:

  • How are you going to Grow your Mailing List? Are you collecting patient email addresses? Is there a sign up option on your website?

  • Why should you readership open your emails? What useful information are you giving them?

  • How can the Email Marketing Campaign be used to promote the brand you are aiming for?

  • Do the emails mirror branding and colors of your practice?

  • Can your email software track open rates click through rates, and other data vital to judging the success of your campaign?

Red Castle Services is very experienced at creating custom medical Email Marketing Campaigns and other SEO services for many medical practices.

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