3 Ways Doctors can increase their online rating to 5 stars

Online Reputation Management  %Post TitleAs a doctor you know that reputation is important. A good reputation usually leads to more referrals, whereas a bad reputation leads to the opposite - less referrals. This is also true when it comes to your ONLINE REPUTATION. Imagine you're a patient and you're looking for a doctor online. The first page of Google will likely show 10 options - so how does the patient then decide which of those 10 doctors to choose? Obviously, if one doctor has a 5 star rating, whereas the others have less stars, then this may play a big role in the patient's decision.   The unfortunate thing is that sometimes your online reputation does NOT match your real-life reputation. Perhaps a few isolated incidences have led to some patients going online and giving you negative feedback. As a doctor, is there anything you can do about it? The good news is YES there is. Here are 3 ways you can manage your online reputation to INCREASE your online rating to 5 stars:

1. Ask for patient feedback

Red Castle Services as a system which proactively asks for patient feedback. This way negative patient feedback is addresses BEFORE the patient gets to the point of posting negative feedback online. Conversely, positive feedback is allowed to be posted online, leading to MORE positive comments and LESS negative comments.

2. Remove negative comments

Depending on the site (Healthgrades vs. Google Reviews vs. ZocDoc vs. Facebook) negative comments can be removed. For example, if a comment is deemed to break any of Google's guidelines, then a doctor can request for it to be removed.

3. Be pro-active not re-active

As a doctor, there are several proactive things you can do to improve your online reputation and present yourself as the leading physician in your field and area. This is a much better approach than simply sitting back and being reactive to negative patient feedback. In terms of proactivity, it's a good idea to position yourself as the authority in your field. Write informative articles with useful content for patients and distribute it to your target population via your website blog, social media, and patient newsletter. Not only does this present you as the leader in your field and attracts likes and positive reviews, but it ALSO improves the SEO of your website.

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