4 Things Google Analytics can tell Medical Practices

Perhaps you've already heard of Google Analytics. Perhaps not. Either way, you need to know that - as a doctor - it is a very useful tool for your practice.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is tool created by Google which allows you to monitor the traffic to your website. In terms of websites for medical practices, the information provided by Google Analytics can be extremely useful. It helps to answer questions such as: How many people are viewing my website each month? How are people finding my website? Which pages are the most popular? Which pages are scaring people away? Plus much much more.

4 Things Google Analytics can tell Medical Practices:

1. Website traffic

Do you know how many people are visiting your website every month? Is it increasing? Or decreasing? Information like this is vital to knowing how well your online marketing campaign is going. And where can you get this information from? Yep - you guessed it - Google Analytics.


Online Marketing for Doctors SEO for Doctors and Medical Practices  %Post Title2. SOURCE of website traffic

In my opinion, this is the single most important bit of information you need. Let's say you're spending money on Adwords, Organic SEO, listing your practice on certain directories, and Facebook advertising. How do you know which strategy is bringing the most patients to your website?

Google Analytics enables you to see WHERE your traffic is coming from. It breaks it down between categories such as:

  • Organic Search
  • Paid Search (AdWords)
  • Direct
  • Referral
  • Social
  • Email

For example, in the image, we can see that the majority of traffic is coming from Organic Search (i.e. people searching on Google then clicking on the website in the real search results, NOT one of the sponsored listings at the top). This suggests that the Medical SEO campaign for this practice is performing well.


3. Search terms they used to find you

In terms of Organic Search, wouldn't it be nice to know what patients searched for when they found you? Well, good news - you can! This feature is actually via Google Search Console, not Google Analytics, but they two tools can be synced, so that this data can also be viewed from within Google Analytics.

Online Marketing for Doctors SEO for Doctors and Medical Practices  %Post Title


But why is this useful data? It means that you know which keywords are bringing your site traffic. AND which keywords are NOT. So, in terms of SEO for doctors, it provides your online marketing person (or agency) with very useful information in terms of optimising the SEO campaign.


How can I set up Google Analtyics on my practice's website?

Setting up Google Analytics is actually very easy. All you need is an account with Google Analytics and to install a code on your website. The code is required to track the traffic to your site. Too busy to do this? Contact Red Castle Services to set it up for you. Make today the day you start getting your practice the online attention it deserves!

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