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Living in pain is no way to live. Of course, pain is an inevitable part of our life, and it is an important signal our body is giving us to let us know something is wrong. However, chronic (long-lasting) pain can really make your life unbearable. Depending on its severity, it can turn the simplest of activities into big challenges. Don’t let pain ruin your life. Many patients who seek help at our pain clinic in Hernando County have a history of numbing their pain with painkillers. This approach is wrong for two reasons: 1) the painkillers target just the symptom and NOT the source of pain, 2) they are highly addictive and harmful to internal organs (if consumed in high amounts over a long period of time). Therefore, if you are also struggling with pain, your best option is to visit a pain management doctor, such as our pain doctor in Hernando County, Dr. Alsabbagh. Getting professional help is the first step on the road to pain-free life.


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