Hot topic: 5 Things we learned in 2017 about Online Marketing for Doctors

Red Castle Services has had a very busy 2017 - we literally doubled our number of clients this year. At the end of the year, I always like to look back and analyze how things went. What new things did we learn? What did we do well? What did we not do well? Here are 5 things we learned in 2017 about Online Marketing for Doctors:

1. Our Online Reputation Management System is a Big Hit

One thing doctors often ask us is: "Can you remove negative reviews from the Internet?" You may be familiar with their scenario. They treat thousands of patients well and very few leave online reviews. Then they get ONE patient who has a negative experience and decides to leave horrible reviews all over the Internet. What is more, perhaps some things they wrote are not even true! Sometimes they even have the wrong doctor! Doctors often want our help in removing this. Well, in 2017 we set up an Online Reputation Management System which keeps you ahead of the game. It literally blocks negative reviews before they even go online. Plus it simultaneously greatly increases your number of positive online reviews.

Take a look at this sample before vs. after comparison:

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Read more about Reputation Management for Doctors.

2. Our SEO strategies really work

When we first started doing SEO for doctors, we knew that our strategies would work in theory. AND 2 years down the line it is so satisfying to see all of our long term clients sitting at the top of Google for the majority of their keywords. As with anything worth getting, it does not happen overnight. Month-by-month we moved these keywords higher. It was hard, grueling work. But as we know, the higher the climb, the greater the view. If you're wondering exactly what strategies have been working for us, here's the answer: It is not one single thing, but instead a powerful cocktail of having a big picture SEO plan for the practice, creating quality medical content, good distribution of that quality content, some backend magic, and a LOT of elbow grease.

3. Google My Business is becoming more and more important

If you're not familiar with what Google My Business is, the short answer is this: It's your practice's listing with Google which usually shows up on the map at the top of Google results. Well, if you are lucky it's showing up on the map. If you are like most doctors, just your competition is showing up on the map:

Online Marketing for Doctors Online Reputation Management SEO for Doctors and Medical Practices Social Media Marketing  %Post Title

A nice tip for you: Claiming your Google My Business listing is FREE. Plus it is a very powerful tool. In what way? Well, firstly, if set up correctly it can make your practice MUCH easier to find. And here's the best bit - it can track exactly how many patients have found you there, how many of them called you, and how many asked for directions.

Many doctors ask us: "How can I rank higher on the map at the top of Google?" There are several ways, but one of the most important is having higher ratings. So be sure to check out our Online Reputation Management for Doctors.

4. When it comes to social media likes, it's about QUALITY and NOT QUANTITY

On the surface, you would think that 2000 followers is better than 200, right? WRONG. Many doctors have tried to save money by working with super cheap online marketing companies. Unfortunately, these cheap companies cut corners. Instead of attracting real followers, they sign up an army of fake accounts. But why is this bad? Well with social media it's all about engagement. If those 2000 fake accounts are not engaging with your posts, then it looks to Facebook and Twitter (and other social media platforms) like your posts are BORING. With less interaction, these platforms decide that your posts are not worth sharing, so for example on Facebook they are less likely to appear as users are scrolling down. Instead, you should focus on long time growth of real patients and people and on more interaction and engagement. Read more about social media marketing for doctors.

5. It's better to do one thing well, than several things badly.

As a medical specialist, you know this already. An orthopedic hand surgeon will (usually) have better outcomes on hand surgeries than a general orthopedic surgeon. Why? Because if we repeat doing the same thing again and again, then we become very very good at it. The same is true of SEO. We specialize in medical SEO. And after doing it for hundreds of medical practices, we have become very very good at it. We know what Google appreciates - and what Google does NOT appreciate. Whether it's writing quality medical content, SEO optimizing medical websites, backend changes, backlinking, online reviews, or social media posts - we have improved each area step by step all with the same end goal: getting doctors' websites to the top of Google.

Online Marketing for Doctors - About Red Castle Services

Red Castle Services specializes in SEO for doctors with the end goal of increasing online patient referrals for your practice. We focus exclusively on the medical sector and our services always include the creation of 2 custom-written articles per month. These articles not only help to position you as the authority of your specialty in your area, but they also help push you to the top of Google (as they are SEO optimized). We work with all specialties, in particular:

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