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Rich Girling

Rich is the founder and CEO of Red Castle Services. Having worked with physicians for over 10 years now, he knows the dynamics of the doctor’s office and understands their priorities. He believes that the BEST doctors should be the easiest to find online and not just the doctors who pay the most to be there. With this in mind, Red Castle has affordable pricing, allowing physician practices to compete with the larger hospital-owned groups.

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Bart is our SEO specialist. He helps doctors' websites get into Google’s Top 10 in a record amount of time. He’s been with Red Castle from the very beginning and is a valuable member of the team. Doctors appreciate his behind-the-scenes magic which help bring new patients to their practices.


Sonia is the newest addition to the Red Castle team and a bright jewel in the company’s crown. She is responsible for keeping our clients happy by communicating the great results and updating the doctors about the work that’s being done for them.

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Your website is a direct reflection of your medical practice and that it’s vital to make a good first impression.

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Your medical practice will be more successful if it positions itself to capture the 62% of patients (and growing!) who now search for their next doctor online.

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The best medical practices – regardless of their size – should be the easiest to find online.

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