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Rich Girling, Red Castle Services, SEO & Online Medical Marketing for Doctors

Dr. Richard Girling, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO

Dr. Girling is the founder and CEO of Red Castle Services. Having worked with physicians for over 10 years now, he knows the dynamics of doctors’ offices and understands their priorities. He knows that every marketing dollar needs to count. With this in mind, Red Castle focuses on the single biggest way of increasing patient referrals: Getting to the top of Google.

He is also the owner and founder of Workers-Compensation-Doctors.com.

anna drewniok

Anna Drewniok, B.A.


Anna is our COO. Anyone who has worked with an IT company knows that horrible word ‘delay’. But, with Anna, this does not happen! Put simply, she makes sure that things get done! As a ‘type A’ person, she provides structure and oversight, ensuring that everything keeps moving forwards, and that deadlines are met on time.

Anna Lazurkiewicz

Anna Lazurkiewicz

SEO Manager

Anna is our SEO Manager. She helps doctors’ websites get into Google’s Top 10 in a record amount of time. She is actually a lawyer by background, but prefers the challenge of SEO and Online Marketing. Doctors appreciate her behind-the-scenes magic which help bring new patients to their practices.

Sonia Szymczak Red Castle Services SEO Online Marketing for Doctors

Sonia Dedesko

Client Relations Manager

Sonia is our Client Relations Manager. Her strong communication skills provide an effective bridge between clients’ needs and our implementation team. She also has a talent for visual design and often helps with the creation of ad copy and infographics.

Luke Swierzko

Lead Developer

Luke is our behind the scenes tech genius. He takes our designs and ideas and turns them into real websites which doctors can be proud of.

Nikolaj Fursenko

Ads Specialist

As our Google Ads and Facebook Ads specialist, Nikolaj is experienced in creating and optimizing ad campaigns. Using the latest ad targeting strategies, he has been able to increase conversion rates while decreasing ad spends.

Martyna Nadstoga

Martyna Nadstoga

Social Media Lead

Martyna is our social media millennial master! She posts our hand-crafted content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and beyond. She also helps to grow doctors’ online audience by increasing likes and followers. Always with a smile, Martyna’s positivity shines through in her social media posts.

mac arillo

Mac Arillo

Digital Marketing Assistant

Mac has a multimedia design and writing background. Paired with his digital marketing knowledge, he puts those skills to good use as Red Castle's resident Swiss army knife helping out the team in any way he can.


Your website is a direct reflection of your medical practice and that it’s vital to make a good first impression.

Let’s be honest – it’s human nature to judge. And to not just judge, but to judge quickly. There are a huge number of studies which have shown people start to evaluate and judge other people as soon as they lay eyes on them. One study from Cornell University goes as far to say that we even judge people whom we have only seen in a photograph six months prior. SO it is unsurprising that when it comes to websites, exactly the same thing happens: People judge. As soon as a patient sees your website, they will instantly start to judge it. Does the website make the doctor(s) look trustworthy? Do the doctors appear to be well-qualified? Does the patient like the look for your practice? It all counts. And more often than not, it makes the difference as to whether or not they pick up the phone to book their first appointment. Read more about Medical Website Design.

medical website design
easy to find

Your medical practice will be more successful if it positions itself to capture the 62% of patients (and growing!) who now search for their next doctor online.

As we know, the world is changing. Gone are the days when people used giant paper directories which they kept by their phones. These days, there is one directory which replaces all others: Google. This online search engine has a whopping 72.48% of market share of global searches, and an even higher percentage in the USA. But what does this mean?  In short, it means if your practice is not easy to find on a Google Search, then patients are not going to find you. Online marketing for doctors is the process of capturing your share of this online audience. It involves a variety of strategies, including SEO for Doctors, Social Media Marketing, and Online Reputation Management.

The best medical practices – regardless of their size – should be the easiest to find online.

As a doctor running your own practice, you may be forgiven for thinking “the hospital-owned physician practices have huge online marketing budgets – it’s impossible for me to compete!” However, the beauty of ‘net-neutrality’ is that Google will return search results which best meet the needs of the person searching – NOT the companies which paid the most. Of course, in the case of sponsored placements it’s about who pays the most – BUT with organic searches you have a level-playing field. Organic search means the real search results which Google returns – not the sponsored places at the top. By getting your practice to the top of organic search results, Red Castle helps medical practices compete against national hospital-owned chains. Read more about Medical SEO or SEO for Doctors.

medical website design

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