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What makes our acupuncture clinic in Gainesville different from other clinics?

We are different from all other acupuncture clinics in the whole world for the following four reasons.

  • Five generations of family traditions. Dr. Weiwei Guan’s great-great-grandfather started practicing acupuncture in the 1880s.  Since then every generation of the Drs. Guan contributed to the family legacy.  Her grandfather was the co-founder of China’s first national acupuncture association and the editor of China’s first acupuncture journal.  Her father is China’s top ranked acupuncture physician.  Guan Special Acupuncture Techniques are renowned and included in many acupuncture textbooks.  Click here to see the Legacy of Guan Family. There are many clinical experience and knowledge accumulated in the long practice of more than 130 years by the five generations combined. Some pieces of these knowledge were included in textbooks but the many were not and are passed on from one generation to the next.

  • FREE 20-minute Discovery Visit with Dr. Weiwei Guan, who is the fifth generation of Guan family and a UF-educated/ Shands-trained Doctor of Physical Therapy.  Having practiced in Gainesville since 2011, she is the leading expert in deciding if you could benefit from physical therapy, acupuncture, or neither.  The purpose of this visit is to listen to you and let you ask questions so you can decide if we are a good fit.

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