Alternative to PatientPop - 5 Ways Red Castle Services is better

Looking for an alternative to PatientPop?

Here are 5 awesome reasons Red Castle Services is a good alternative to PatientPop.

Here at Red Castle Services, our priority is to make everything easy for doctors or providers to focus on what matters most - their practice.

Whether you’re a private practice doctor or a single or multi-provider practice, chances are you’ve thought about signing up to PatientPop’s practice growth platform in order to streamline practice management and attract new patients.

But buyer beware! There are a few things you should know before signing up with PatientPop:

  • With PatientPop, you do NOT own your website;
  • Contracts are usually long term;
  • Past clients complain of a lack of customer service and customization.

Many of our current clients are former PatientPop clients. They usually all have the same story to tell:

“They were so persuasive when we signed up. But they did not tell us that we could not keep the website if we leave them.”

So how is Red Castle different? Here 5 reasons why Red Castle Services is a good alternative to PatientPop:


1. Our customer service (we give doctors direct access to our specialists)


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Customer service shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. Here at Red Castle Services we can guarantee that our clients will always have their needs attended to efficiently and effectively.

We simply don’t want our clients to jump through all types of hoops just to talk to any of our team members. Once you hire us, you instantly gain direct access to our specialists because we create a personal chat group that serves as an open line to address all of your concerns as necessary.

You are also assigned your own personal Account Manager who takes the time to talk you through the monthly reports and keep you informed.


2. We specialize in SEO & SEM


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As a doctor, you probably already know that having a website is not enough. Simply having a website does not guarantee new patients. What is important, is traffic to your website. One of the best ways to do this is to position your site at the top of Google search results. The process of doing this is called SEO or SEM.

As an agency which specializes in SEO for doctors, our team members are exceptionally knowledgeable in the medical SEO industry. And, more importantly, they are successful. On behalf of our clients, we have positioned websites at the top of Google for keywords like “urgent care Miami”, “pain management Orlando”, and “PRP New York”.


3. We provide a customizable 360 dashboard where doctors can see ALL of their online marketing data in one place


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Data can get really confusing and can easily give anyone information overload especially when it’s all over the place. Because we understand that doctors and their staff are very busy we make sure it’s all easy-peasy for our clients to absorb all their online marketing data in one place.

Since Red Castle Services is all about results, what better way to show it than providing a customizable 360 dashboard which doctors or providers can access anytime they wish. It’s because we understand that every client has very specific objectives tailored to their practice.

On top of that, our clients also receive monthly reports about how their digital assets are performing.


4. All agreements month-to-month. Doctors stay with us because they want to, not because they have to.


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We don’t have lock-in periods or early termination fee policies just to force you to stay. Like the First Amendment that gives every American the fundamental right of choice, Red Castle Services ensures that every doctor or provider under our care has the freedom to choose to stay with us or not.

If you’re looking to cancel your agreement, just give us a 30-day notice and we’ll ensure that you go through with the transition process smoothly and without a fuss (READ: we won’t delete all your online listings or content).

In fact, if you leave, you can still come back to us and we’ll greet you with open arms should you choose to avail of our fantastic services again.

We don’t burn bridges and we’re just that friendly!


5. Doctors own their own website after 12 months of services.

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Everything we do is for our clients. As Red Castle Services’ general policy, the websites we create for our clients are their ownership after 12 months of services. We’ll give you the keys to the house!

And because we have a lot of experience with medical website design, you will be the owner of a website that is HIPAA-compliant, equipped with an Online Patient Form, SEO-optimized, and loaded with content relevant to your specific practice.


The Bottom Line

Here at Red Castle Services, we are all about the three R’s: Results, Relationships, and Really good SEO!

Or, in other words, we are a lean, mean medical SEO machine - we’re the type of company in which everybody-knows-everybody that’s why we can deliver quick and easy results for our clients. We may be Red Castle Services but there’s definitely no red tape going on in here!

Our company has been working with doctors and providers for over 10 years now. That’s why we know the dynamics of medical offices (like the back of our hand) and understand its priorities.

Here’s our only promise: every marketing dollar you spend with us will count.

Because we now live in a search-driven world, Red Castle Services’ prime focus is to get you on top of Google search results and get patients coming through your door.

Convinced we are THE alternative to PatientPop you’re looking for? Get in touch with us today to get your free consultation!

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