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Sebring Primary Care – The Cold Myths: Have you also been tricked by these popular ‘remedies’?

There are thousands of theories on how to fight commonly occurring symptoms using ‘home’ remedies. And while some of them, shared from generation to generation, may have some truth in them, most are simply myths that became so popular they basically became standard ways of dealing with colds, running noses, etc. Have you also been tricked into believing that covering yourself with 3 blankets can help you ‘sweat out’ cold or that you can get rid of your fever with zinc? In this article we are debunking these popular treatment ‘myths’, so if you’d like to find out if eating garlic can really cure you of cold, keep reading!

Chicken soup helps fight cold.

FACT. This one’s actually true. This particular theory goes back as far as the … to read the full article visit AMS Primary Care website here.

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