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Spring Hill Dietitian – 3 effective ways to fight sugar addiction (that you didn’t know about!)

If you’ve read our previous articles on sugar (you haven’t? Well, go ahead and do that now! Sugar is your biggest enemy to losing weight, and the best way to fight the enemy is to know how it operates. Here’re articles 1: Sugar Rush: The Bitter Truth and 2: What happens to your body when you eat sugar?) you are most likely wondering how you can exclude sugar from your diet. But it’s not that easy, is it? That’s because a) this thing is highly addictive. Like, cocaine-addictive. And b) it’s EVERYWHERE. How can you fight an enemy that is coming at you from all fronts?!

The good news is, it only takes about 21 days to break a habit. If you can manage to keep away from sugar for that long, chances are you will stop craving it all together. But how can you stay away from something your body wants so much? Our Spring Hill Dietitian is here to help you out. Here are 3 unusual ways to fight that nasty sugar addiction.

Spring Hill Weight Loss – 1. Learn what your triggers are and remove them

As soon as you start craving a sweet treat, take a moment to think. What triggers the craving? Are you sad? Bored? Maybe you haven’t had a meal in a long time and your blood sugar levels are low? Maybe you eat sweets just because they are simply there? Or perhaps you associate one habit with…. to read the full article visit Batista Weight Loss Website here.

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