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Brain injury is one of the main contributors to the huge number of disabilities and deaths in the United States every year. Depending on the severity, some patients take years to fully recover. In order to recover well from brain trauma, patients have to undergo different kinds of therapy from the best brain injury rehabilitation centers

Neulife is a rehabilitation facility that offers a comprehensive program tailored to the personal needs of each client. Learn more about their rehabilitation services in this article.

Brain injury in numbers

Brain injury occurs when there is damage to the brain that causes temporary or permanent cognitive, psychosocial, or physical impairment. It has two general types: traumatic and non-traumatic

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that there were 2.87 million incidents of traumatic brain injury in 2014. A staggering 837,000 of these cases happened in children. These numbers continue to climb every year.

On the other hand, stroke, which is one of the most common non-traumatic injuries, affects 7.8 million people. This is 3.1% of the country’s adult population.

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