Call tracking for doctors & medical practices

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is the process of gathering data about where people found the practice's number (e.g. Google Ads vs. organic search vs. social media vs. patient newsletter). It can also be set up to record calls and can be done in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

Call tracking for doctors and medical practices
call tracking analytics for doctors

1. See which marketing strategies are working

Call tracking can be set up to see which marketing channels are generating the most calls. With call tracking, you can see what percentage of calls are via Google Ads vs. SEO for Doctors vs. Social Media Marketing vs. Online Directories vs. Email marketing for Doctors and so on.

2. Improve your marketing ROI

Using the information about which marketing channels are generating the most calls, you can then reassign your marketing dollars accordingly. For example, perhaps you are receiving zero calls from an unsuccessful ad campaign. Armed with this knowledge, you can cancel the ads and apply this budget to more successful channels. Read more about healthcare marketing analytics for doctors and medical practices.

Email marketing for doctors ROI
track results

3. Track missed calls

Call tracking for medical clinics not only allows you to see successful calls, but also missed calls. This can help your practice to identify hours during the day when you are less likely to answer the phone. Using this information, you can then reschedule your front of office staff accordingly—leading to more answered calls and, therefore, a higher rate of patient conversion.

4. Automatic text back

In addition to tracking missed calls, you can also set up our system to automatically text the patient back. This message can be along the lines of "Hi, sorry we missed your call. How can we help?" This reduces the chance of the patient giving up and contacting your competition.
Chat widget for doctors and medical practices

5. Record calls to improve customer service

For the purposes of improving customer service, you may wish to record calls. This should always be done in a HIPAA-compliant manner by ensuring that such call data is secure with access restricted to members of staff who need it. Additionally, patients should be warned in advance that the call is being recorded.

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