Chat widget for doctors

What is a Chat Widget?

A Chat Widget is a chat box that allows prospective patients to ask questions. Chat widgets meet the growing demand of users who prefer texting over calling—and have been proven to increase new patient conversion rates.

Chat widget for doctors and medical practices

Why should Doctors and Medical Practices add a Chat Widget to their site? (5 Advantages)

Whether you are an orthopedic surgeon, urgent care doctor, dentist, or chiropractor, you should add a chat widget to your site . Here are 5 reasons why:
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1. Increase new patient conversion rates by up to 80%

Adding a chat widget to your practice's website will increase the number of new patient conversions. How? First, there is a growing trend in society toward texting over calling. By adapting to the needs of your prospective patients, you increase the chances that they will contact you. Second, the chat widget instantly texts back the patient—according to HighLevel responding within the first 5 minutes increases the chances of booking an appointment by 80%. Third, if the patient can quickly acquire the information they need, they are more likely to schedule with you than with your competition.

2. Reduce the burden on your office staff

How much time does your staff spend answering the same questions—again and again? Reduce the burden on them by having the Chat Widget automatically answer basic questions, as well as scheduling.

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3. Provide a superior experience

Nowadays patients do not like to wait. They want answers and they want them NOWBy installing a chat widget, you can help them get the information they need within seconds. 

4. It's very affordable

Unlike other medical marketing agencies, we do not charge a lot for our chat widget. It is included in our Plus and Premium Plans at no extra charge. 
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5. It's super fast to set-up

The chat widget can be installed within minutes. We simply add a snippet of code to your site and, hey presto, the chat widget is live.

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