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In the past, if you were injured at work, you would have been sent straight to the nearest hospital. At first thought, it is a great idea. Where else would you be given better care right after an accident than at a hospital? It turns out, however, that if you have suffered non-life threatening injuries, going to the hospital is far from ideal. First of all, patients with non-urgent injuries will be left waiting for long hours before seeing a physician. Second of all, medical treatments at hospitals are quite pricey.

For those two reasons, our Medical Center in Hialeah is becoming more and more popular. Our medical staff will take care of any non-life threatening, work-related injuries in no time, sparing you from sitting in the waiting room for hours on end. This way, the injured worker receives medical help immediately, and the employer can count on reduced costs for the treatment. In this article, you will find out what the most common job-related injuries are that we treat at RiteCare Urgent Care and how to avoid them.


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Common work-related injuries we treat at our Medical Center in Hialeah

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