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At Coastal Pain Medicine patient satisfaction is our top priority. We work together as a team and take the responsibility of making every visit pleasant and comfortable for our patients in every possible way. We strive to ensure our clients benefit from all the latest innovations and developments in back pain treatment. And we offer a range of modern techniques to ensure the best possible results.

We treat a wide range of back problems

Back pain affects people of all ages and fitness levels across Broward County – from  Pompano Beach, Boca Raton to Deerfield Beach. Back pain is very common and can have a number of causes. Most habitually, non-traumatic back pain is linked with musculoskeletal sprains, or strains leading to inflammation, muscle weakening and fatigue, and finally deconditioning. ‘Wear and tear’ injuries and degenerative deviations of the spine’s vertebral discs and facet joints can also cause acute and chronic pain.

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