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Are you suffering from sports injuries or nagging minor injuries such as tendinitis? Are your arthritic knees or hips stopping you from enjoying life fully? Have you tried everything, but nothing seems to bring relief or healing? If so, you may want to consider having a break through new medical procedure called PRP Therapy.

A PRP treatment is a regenerative procedure that leverages the healing power of your own blood cells to help you heal. PRP Therapy is simple, non-operative treatment that can be done in the comfort of our medical office in Pompano Beach, Florida. Likewise, this in-demand pain treatment is also available in PRP therapy Boca Raton, PRP therapy broward county, PRP treatment Deerfield Beach.

PRP therapy may also be combined with stem cell therapy in certain cases. Learn about the differences between PRP Therapy in Pompano Beach and Stem Cell Therapy in Pompano Beach by clicking here.

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PRP Therapy Pompano Beach