latest update from our clients  Workers Compensation Plastic Surgeon Dr. Thomas J. Zaydon Jr.

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Dr. Thomas Zaydon is a workers compensation plastic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience, unchallenged expertise, and unwavering dedication in this field of medicine. He has helped many patients recover from an injury they sustained on-the-job, with the surgery cost covered by Workers Compensation.

Recently, his work has been recognized by InTouch. He has been given the 2019 Excellence in Medical Care and Services Award, along with only 13 other doctors “who have a longstanding history of providing exceptional care and encouragement to each injured employee through recovery, are consistently in communication with the key players, and provide accurate and timely documentation throughout the workers’ compensation process of returning an injured employee to work.”

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Dr. Zaydon Was Given The Excellence in Medical Care and Services Award