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If you have noticed a change in the joint of your big toe, you may have a bunion. Bunions most often affect the big toe and cause the toe to incline towards the second toe instead of staying straight ahead. Because it pushes the big toe towards the second toe, it causes the joint to push out.

Bunions can be painful and keep you from walking and exercising. The good news is bunions are treatable.

The condition is usually seen in adults. The condition may be due to a problem with the bones of the foot. The type of shoe you wear can increase the risk but not directly cause bunions.

Though usually seen in the big toe, it can also occur in the little toe. This is known as a “tailor’s bunion.”

This article will look at what happens if you leave a bunion untreated, the fastest way to get rid of a bunion and if a bunion can correct itself.

Bunions: All you need to know


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