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A hammertoe (also known as a mallet toe) is a toe deformity that occurs when there is an imbalance in the muscles and tendons that usually hold the toe straight. It presents as an abnormal bend in the middle joint of the toe, nearest to the toenail. It most often occurs in the second, third, or fourth toe.

Many factors can contribute to the condition, including the type of shoe you wear, trauma, and even certain disease processes.

If you believe you have a hammertoe, our doctors can help by correctly diagnosing and treating the condition. We have locations throughout Southern Florida, including serving the greater Miami area. Find the office closest to you!

How Do You Fix a Hammer Toe?

Doctors recommend roomier, comfortable footwear if the toe is still flexible. It may also help to wear shoe inserts or orthotic pads—these help by repositioning the toe to relieve pressure and pain.

Some simple exercises such as picking up small objects with your toes or crumpling a towel with your toes can help stretch and strengthen the muscles.

If you have tried conservative treatment without success, surgery is an option. A foot and ankle surgeon may release the tendon and possibly remove a piece of bone to help straighten the toe.

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What is a Hammertoe?


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