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The nature and extent of the cognitive impairment following TBI can range widely, depending on the severity and positioning of the injury. If a focal brain injury transpires, the outcome could be comparable to an injury provoked by a CVA (Cerebrovascular accident or stroke), such as:

  • Aphasia

Impacting the ability of the patient to communicate either written, spoken or both.

  • Apraxia

The loss of ability to do motor skills due to brain injury

  • Unilateral neglect

Involves inattention of sensory on one side of the body and over attention of sensory on the other.

  • Visuospatial dysfunction

Involves understanding how objects are in relation to space

Nevertheless, these are the usual findings following TBI. Due to the mechanisms of acceleration-deceleration, the most common symptoms include and memory deficiency, difficulty in adhering to new data, solving problems, planning, and problems linked to impulsivity and self-control.

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