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Strabismus, or squint, is one of the most common conditions in ophthalmology. Eye doctors are called upon to correct misalignments where one of the eyes has turned upward, downward, outward, or inward. This latter inward deviation accounts for 75% of total cases in the US, which is why strabismus is sometimes called “crossed-eyes”.

There may be different causes of strabismus. Sometimes the muscles in the eyes (6 in each) fail to work together, or there may be a disorder in the brain that prevents coordinated movement in the eyes. Whatever the root cause, both eyes are simply not lining up to focus on the same spot at the same time.

What makes it so challenging for a contemporary child eye doctor is the staggering number of cases. Pediatric ophthalmologists estimate that strabismus affects up to 5 percent of the US population – 15 million patients – with almost 127,000 new cases occurring every year.

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What’s to know about Strabismus?