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Hip pain can be an agonizing and debilitating condition. Some people suffer from hip pain for many years and have not been able to find relief in spite of numerous doctor visits and treatments.

Hip pain diagnosis comes in many forms. Over the past 10 years, there has been a significant evolution in the treatment of hip pain coming from cartilage, bone, and soft tissue injuries. These structures can be torn over many years of wear and tear or by an acute injury. These conditions are seen in all age groups.

Patients who suffer from painful hips do not only put up with the pain. Research has shown that chronic hip pain caused by hip osteoarthritis can also lead to gait abnormalities, functional impairments, and morbidity in patients.

In years past, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, and the injection of cortisone have been used to treat these causes of hip pain. If these treatments were not effective, some patients were offered a hip replacement.

Although many of these patients did not have significant arthritic symptoms, they had no other significant alternative to help relieve their pain. With recent advances in technology, a new procedure, hip arthroscopy, has given orthopaedic surgeons the capability to evaluate and treat labrum tears, cartilage injuries, and early hip arthritic changes.

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