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Sometimes people may experience numbness or tingling in the hand, especially at night, and clumsiness handling objects such as glasses or cups. Also, there tends to be a pain that goes up the entire arm, in some cases all the way to the shoulder. These symptoms may all be due to what's known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - the most common form of entrapment neuropathy, affecting3-6%of the general adult population.

The carpal tunnel is an anatomical region in the wrist through which a major nerve (the median nerve) travels. When this tunnel (through which the nerve travels) becomes compressed there gradually builds up pressure on the nerve itself. When the nerve is compressed it causes symptoms of numbness, tingling, and weakness of the affected muscles supplied by this nerve. At our occupational therapy center, we understand how important these muscles in the hand are - the result of this condition can be minor to a major disability.

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