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The American Heart Month

When we think of the February holidays, Valentine’s Day comes to mind. We think of our loved ones, prepare cards and gifts, take our partner for a romantic dinner or even on a beautiful getaway. The affairs of the heart are especially important this month, particularly as it’s also the American Heart Month, so let’s make sure we treat our hearts with utmost care – both romantically AND physically.

If we want our love life to flourish and be an important part of our existence, we need to take care of our hearts in a more physical way than making sure we choose the right partner and avoid getting our hearts “broken”. This vital organ is placed in the center of our bodies – and it controls our emotions. When we feel excited, it beats faster, and when we are stressed, we hold our chest. If we want to make sure we live long and healthy lives, the most important organ to take care of is our heart.

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