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Three Significant Questions to Ask Your Internist

Our doctors in direct primary care, Raleigh are very approachable and compassionate toward patients. It’s normal, however, for a patient to resist asking questions from the doctor out of fear of being judged, or labeled. For health issues that require an internal medicine doctor’s attention, a patient might also hesitate to ask questions out of embarrassment about a bodily function, or issue.

At our clinic of internal medicine in Raleigh, communication matters to the success of a good relationship between a patient and a doctor. When you reach a certain age, you’ll often see an internal medicine doctor, also called an internist, because they are the primary carers for adults.

Studies reveal that when patients ask direct primary care doctors plenty of questions about their health, the risks of dying or having an attack reduces. Below are three crucial questions to consider when you’re looking for a good internal medicine doctor.

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