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The shoulder’s ball-and-socket joint allows it to be more flexible than any other body part. Its extensive range of motion enables you to turn it in many directions, accomplishing daily tasks with ease.

However, greater flexibility can make an individual vulnerable to injuries, such as shoulder dislocation. Furthermore, the anatomy of the shoulder joint itself contributes to the shoulder’s vulnerability and integrity. The shoulder socket’s (glenoid cup) shallow cup makes it easier for the head of the upper arm (humerus) to get loose or displaced.

Once a shoulder gets dislocated, it will become more prone to repeat episodes since the joint and its ligament system are now compromised. This repeated dislocation, whether partial or complete, is known as chronic shoulder instability.

Learn more about the causes, symptoms, and treatment options of shoulder instability from the best sports medicine doctors in Miami一South Florida International Orthopedics.

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What You Should Know About Chronic Shoulder Instability



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