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Stem cells are not specialized cells although they have the remarkable ability to become different types of cells — such as a brain cell, or a muscle cell, or a red blood cell — which form during the body’s growth and development.


Stem cells are considered as the body’s raw materials. When infused to tissues or organs, these cells also have the ability to repair the damage. So they are now being used for treating certain diseases or ailments in many medical scenarios. 

What is stem cell therapy? 


Stem cell treatment in Colombia makes use of the patient’s own stem cells, or stem cells from qualified donors, in treating medical conditions. In theory, there is no limit to the diseases and ailments that can be treated through the use of stem cells. 


The most common means of harvesting stem cells in stem cell therapy, Colombia is through a bone marrow transplant, also known as Hematopoietic Stem Cell. However, there are also other therapies taken from other stem cell sources, such as umbilical cord blood, which are still being carefully studied by the experts.

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