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An average of 790,000 people in America have knee replacements every year. That statistic comes from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. So let’s look at how and why so many people are opting for this procedure and what difference it can make.


The knee joint is quite a complex one, it is referred to as a hinge joint. There are 3 components or sections to the knee. There is the medial compartment which is the inner half of the knee. Secondly, there is the lateral section which is the outer half. The third section is the patellofemoral. This refers to the area behind the kneecap, where the femur and tibia meet.

As well as the bones within the knee there is an array of cartilage and ligaments that allow smooth movement of the knee. So as you can see it’s quite a complex joint.

Need for surgery or not?

The most common diagnosis of knee pain prior to knee replacement is osteoarthritis. This is an extremely painful and debilitating condition. Even everyday tasks become uncomfortable. When non-surgical treatments fail to control the pain perhaps it’s time to discuss the option of replacement. Some younger people may have had a traumatic injury to their knee which may result in a replacement.

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