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Liver cancer is the fifth most common cancer globally. The incidence of liver cancer has been increasing due to the rise in the prevalence of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

Early diagnosis is correlated with better outcomes. The best prognosis results from surgical resection and transplantation, though only 15%-20% of patients are eligible for surgery. The survival rate for successful resection is 50%.

Radiofrequency ablation for cancer is an option for treating liver cancer in patients who are not good candidates for surgery. At Williams Cancer Institute, we are specialists in radiofrequency ablation for liver metastases.

It is essential to know that it is a safe procedure. Doctors have been using radiofrequency ablation for the treatment of cancer for over 28 years. It is a minimally invasive procedure and effective whether cancer originated in the liver or metastasized.

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Radiofrequency Ablation For Liver Cancer