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Addiction is an illness. Contrary to popular misconception, no one chooses to become addicted. Once it hijacks the brain, it’s very difficult to put an end to it, even if we really want to. Before determining the reasons WHY people get addicted, first let’s discuss what addiction really is. Can we say that someone is an addict if they do something very often, or they say they can’t live without that particular thing? Not necessarily. However, if the person loses control over that particular thing, meaning they cannot do something or cannot stop doing something despite their intentions, this is a clear sign that they might have gotten hooked. Addiction makes permanent alterations to the brain, corrupting the instincts responsible for recognizing pleasure and pain. That’s why it’s so difficult to beat, especially on your own. You’re simply no longer able to recognize the dangers of the substance you’re addicted to.


So let’s answer the twin questions: How do people get addicted in the first place? Is there a way to break the addiction once and for all?


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