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What is Neuro Rehab?

Neurological rehabilitation (or neuro rehab) is a program overseen by a physician and designed for people with diseases, injury, or disorders of the nervous system.

Once the acute stage of treatment is finalized, neuro rehabilitation (or, neuro rehab) is the best option to help the patient recover,  reduce symptoms, maximise their functional and cognitive capacities, improve their well-being and independence, and to encourage them to set their individual neuro rehab goals.

Interdisciplinary approach to Neuro Rehab

Even though, commonly, it is a single physician who guides the patients through the process of post-acute rehabilitation in a neuro rehab centre, the support and assistance of a broad range of professionals is crucial. The interdisciplinary approach means that a whole team of clinical professionals works together to provide integrated care and each focuses on the individual needs and abilities of every patient.

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