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Brain Injury Rehab Florida – The Brain Injury Association of America estimates that more than 2.5 million Americans (children and adults) have sustained a TBI (traumatic brain injury). Moreover, nearly 795,000 people have sustained an acquired brain injury (ABI) from non-traumatic causes. The data is terrifying, especially taking into account all the effects brain injuries have on the injured and their families.


In a previous article, we described in detail the consequences of TBI on an individual’s life, covering cognitive impairment (long- or short-term memory loss, difficulty learning and memorizing new things, short attention span, speech problems, lack of concentration, problems with reading and writing); neurological impairment (difficulty with walking, coordination, or balance; loss of taste, hearing, vision or smell; insomnia; fatigue); behavioral changes (anger, frustration, impatience, reduced self-esteem, impulsivity, anxiety, PTSD, apathy), and finally, lifestyle consequences. If you’d like to go back and read about types of traumatic brain injuries, their impact, and available treatment options, click here to view the full article.


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Brain Injury Rehab Florida – National Brain Injury Awareness Month.

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