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Research has found that patients with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) are three times more likely to experience depression than those who have not had one. For every 10 people who do not have a brain injury, approximately one person will have depression. For every 10 people who do, approximately three people will. Both the patient and their caregivers must educate themselves to recognize the signs and lower the chance of anxiety. At NeuLife, we help prepare patients and family for a successful return to normal life by guiding them through the whole process of brain injury rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, researchers have not been able to determine specific factors that cause depression after brain injuries or when it usually starts. Some people experience depression right after their injury, while others develop it a year or more later. Regardless of when your brain injury occurred, it is important to tell your doctor about any depressive symptoms. The doctors and health care professionals atNeuLife brain injury clinic will then ask you a series of questions or have you fill out a questionnaire or form to aid in diagnosing you.

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