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Fatigue Reasons

Fatigue is a natural state that can transpire long before you fall asleep while driving. It has a negative influence on your response time, your ability to focus and your overall understanding of the road and traffic around you. What are the four major causes of fatigue?

  • Sleep loss – this is the most basic reason for fatigue. The average human needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day. If you do not get your daily “quota,” it is likely to make you feel tired. A lack of sleep may accumulate over time (“sleep debt”), so make sure you sleep enough and regularly.
  • Time spent driving – the longer people drive without resting, the greater their level of tiredness. In addition, the time spent on other activities, such as work or school, can increase fatigue and influence your driving later on. Before you go on a long trip, rest well, then take regular breaks while on the road.

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