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Have you had a chance to read our list of healthy habits to adopt in 2018? If not, we strongly encourage you to check it out. In fact, don’t start this article until you read that list. Go ahead, we’ll wait for you.

Done with the list? No? Okay, we’ll give you a couple more minutes.

How about now?


Okay, great. NOW is the time to get to know the unhealthy habits that you need to quit if you are serious about losing weight (or keeping fit!). Why are we so persistent in asking you to get familiar with the healthy habits first? It’s easy: Our brain is wired to hold onto the negative. However, if you start with something positive, the balance will allow you to remember more and get you excited for positive change. After all, we’re more likely to follow DOs rather than DON’Ts.


But the DON’Ts are equally important. Sometimes it’s the things that we don’t do that decide our success. For instance, you know that saying: “You can’t out-train a bad diet”? This is the essence of today’s article and a great example that illustrates the importance of not only developing healthy habits, but also dropping the ones that don’t work for you. Here are just a few examples of the latter:


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Unhealthy habits you need to drop NOW

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