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As a doctor, treating workers’ compensation patients can be a nice addition to your practice. First of all, work comp referrals are usually “all year round”, so if you live in a state affected by tourism, then they provide a nice source of referrals in the off season. Second, they reduce dependence upon other referral sources. For example, if your practice is 100% Medicare, then ask yourself what would happen if Medicare prices suddenly decreased – or if you were suddenly audited for Medicare fraud and all payments stopped? Accepting work comp cases diversifies your payer mix, which from a risk management point of view is sensible strategic planning for your practice. A third reason is that it can be satisfying to return patients to work, subsequently helping them, their family, and of course the economy.

How can Doctors Increase their Number of Work Comp Patients?

If you are a doctor who values work comp referrals, then you have probably asked yourself this question before. There are several answers, though they may depend on the specific state you are in.

Here are 5 Ways to Increase your Number of Work Comp Referrals?

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How can Doctors Increase their Number of Work Comp Patients?


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