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Children’s development is an intrinsically complex and important stage. At this point in their lives, many things can become complicated, diagnosed and, most importantly, successfully treated. Especially for eye conditions, early diagnosis is crucial!

This is because early diagnosis gives a better chance for a successful and quicker recovery. For this reason our pediatric eye doctor encourages parents to take their children to an ophthalmologist even with the slightest suspicions, or as early as around the age of 2 years old.

In “5 common eye and vision problems experienced by children” we outline the conditions that you should keep an eye for in your children as these occur commonly in the US. One of the conditions on the list is strabismus, and our children’s ophthalmologist is a certified strabismus surgeon. Therefore, below we explain what strabismus is and in an upcoming article we will talk about the causes and treatment options.

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What is Strabismus?