Doctor: 5 reasons why you are not seeing as many online patient referrals as you'd like

Doctor: 5 reasons why you are not seeing as many online patient referrals as you'd like

Doctors are starting to see the growing and unused potential of online marketing for medical practices and that’s awesome! But most of them are still having a lot of trouble trying to figure out the most effective ways to promote their practice online to attract new patients. Working with these doctors for many years now, we now have a clear picture of what needs to be done for online marketing to start becoming profitable. We gathered here (below) some of the most common mistakes doctors make which prevent them from attracting more patients:

  1. You don’t have a website.

Why some doctors still overlook the absolute necessity of having a well-designed, patient-friendly and modern medical website is beyond us. This is an absolute must-have! Only after getting a website which reflects the professionalism of your practice can the magic actually start to happen. So don’t waste your time - order a new website for your practice TODAY.

  1.   You have a website, but it could use a fresh lick of paint

Then there are doctors who do have websites already but their quality is far from satisfactory. Having just ANY website is not good enough. In fact, it can actually scare away potential patients. Your website is often patients’ first impression of your practice. Does your website currently reflect the quality and professionalism of your practice? If not, give your medical website the makeover it so desperately needs!

  1.   You have a website, but no one can actually find it

Getting your website into Google’s Top 10 search results is crucial if you want to attract new patients. After all, what’s the point of having a perfectly-designed medical website if no one is able to locate it? This is why Medical SEO is a crucial part of the process - it will make your online exposure that much bigger!

  1.   You don’t have control over what’s out there

Ever heard of Online Reputation Management? A positive online review can bring a lot of new patients to the practice, just as much as a negative one can dramatically decrease the flow of patients. You can, and you should, take care of that. If you don’t know how to start, have a professional do it for you - or at least instruct you how you can do it yourself. Read more about Online Reputation Management for Doctors.

  1.   You give up way too easily

Starting to see new revenue after investing in online medical marketing can take some time, but it’s so worth it. After a while, things start to roll and you find yourself busy with online referrals. But to get to this point, you have to have some patience! You can’t just unveil a new website and expect the phone to be ringing off the hook. You need a coordinated online marketing campaign, with all components helping to funnel new patients towards you.


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