Email marketing for doctors

What is Email Marketing for Doctors?

Email marketing for Doctors is the process of sending regular emails to a mailing list of past patients and contacts with the end goal of encouraging repeat visits or the referral of family and friends.

With a ROI of circa 4200%, it is one of the best digital marketing strategies.

email marketing for doctors


One of our clients sent an email offer to 5,000 past patients and had an open rate of 1,500 with an increase in new patient appointments of 140% for that month.
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Why should Doctors and Medical Practices consider Email Marketing for Doctors? (5 Advantages)

If you care about ROI of your marketing dollars, then email marketing should definitely be included as one of the strategies to promote your practice.
Email marketing for doctors ROI

1. Excellent ROI

Email marketing is said to have one of the best ROIs—with an impressive return on investment of circa 4,200%. In other words, for ever $1 you spend on email marketing, on average it brings $4,200 new revenue to your practice. So, before spending thousands on Google Ads for Doctors or other services, it's worth setting up a system to regularly reach out to your mailing list.

2. Track results

Email marketing for doctors lends itself well to tracking results. You can monitor your campaigns through objective statistics, such as open rates and click rates. Additionally, there is also a qualitative component whereby you can see which information patients are interested in (through the links they click) as well as the subsequent path they take on your website.

email marketing for doctors analytics
email marketing for doctors saves time

3. No additional time required

One of the best things about email marketing for doctors is that it does not require any additional time. Thanks to our SEO for Doctors service, email newsletters can simply import the new content we write every month. This means that you do not need to create any additional content—you can simply use email as an additional channel through which to disseminate your current content, along with your website and social media channels.

4. A/B testing to increase conversion rates

A/B testing is a great way to optimize your email campaigns over time. Make small variations in terms of your offerings, wording, subject line, or call to action, then track which campaign performs best. You will quickly start to learn what works best and, subsequently, increase conversion rates.
A/B testing email marketing for doctors
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5. Use in conjunction to text messaging

There is a general trend away from email and toward text messaging. But that does not mean that email will cease to exist. Instead, it is likely that this channel will continue for many years to come, albeit working in conjunction with text messaging. Use our CRM to ensure that your medical email marketing campaign is integrated with text messaging.

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