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Flatback syndrome is a condition where the spine becomes flat because it loses its natural curvature. The natural shape of the spine isn’t completely straight and has an S-shaped curve. The curves work like a coiled spring to maintain balance, absorb shock, and allow spine movements. As a result of flatback, the lower spine loses its normal curvature and  becomes imbalanced. Thus, the patient might have trouble standing up straight and leaning forward.

Symptoms of flatback

The main symptoms can cause difficulty standing upright and low back and leg pain. What’s more, symptoms may get worse and progress to the point where the patient feels they lean more forward, away from the body and causing trouble in standing upright. This condition has an impact on the patient’s daily task, as patients have to flex and bend their knees and hips to be able to stand upright. This can be often exhausting and result in severe pain. There may be also symptoms of sciatica (pain in the buttocks and leg) and spinal stenosis that are associated.

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Flatback Syndrome