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Flu shot Spring Hill – where can I get a flu shot in Spring Hill and how much does it cost?

If you still haven’t yet had your flu shot, it’s not too late! For anyone interested in getting a flu shot, you probably have two main questions on your mind: Firstly, where can I get a flu shot in Hernando County? Secondly, how much does it cost? Perhaps you’re also even wondering what flu is and how a flu shot actually works! This blog post aims to cover the basics for you, so that you know everything you need to know about getting your flu shot.

Where can I get a flu shot in Spring Hill?

Lifeguard Urgent Care – a leading urgent care center in Spring Hill – offers a quick and convenient ‘drop-in’ option for flu shots. You can simply swing by whenever you have some spare time and get your flu shot. The process is all very quick, easy, and straightforward. Lifeguard Urgent Care is located on 491 Mariner Blvd. in Spring Hill and is open 8am to 8pm everyday (including Saturdays and Sundays!)

latest update from our clients    %Post TitleHow much does a flu shot cost?

Lifeguard Urgent Care only charges $15 per flu shot. We are sure you’ll agree that it’s a price well worth paying if it means avoiding getting the flu! Plus the center accepts all major insurances. See a full list of insurances and pricing.

What is ‘the flu’?

‘The flu’ is otherwise known as ‘influenza’, which is considered a serious disease and can even sometimes result in death. The Center for Disease Control estimates that in 2010 there were up to 710,000 people hospitalized as a direct result of influenza (CDC 2016). The flu season starts around October and ends in May. So right now – the middle of winter – is when rates of infection can be highest.

How does a flu shot work?

About two weeks after receiving a flu shot, it creates antibodies in the blood. These antibodies help fight against infection, thus greatly reducing the chances of contracting influenza (CDC 2016). There are several strains of influenza, but most flu vaccines made these days are designed to protect against the most common strains (e.g. H1N1 and H3N2). Read more about Lifeguard Urgent Care, flu shots, and other urgent care services in Spring Hill. Contact Redcastle Services today and see what we have to offer. latest update from our clients    %Post Title

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