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Physician Dispensing Georgia – 3 Questions you should ask before choosing your next Georgia Pharmacy System

Nowadays there are many companies providing physician dispensing in Georgia. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one best fits the needs of your physician practice. This is why we have created three questions which you can ask in order to explore which Georgia physician dispensing solution is right for you.

  • Pharmacy system Georgia – is the system easy to use?

Let’s face it. Your physician practice is already busy enough. And your office staff already have enough forms and paperwork – they don’t want any more. So when choosing a pharmacy solution for your Georgia practice, it’s important to ask if the pharmacy system is easy and relatively “headache-free”. For example, does the system allow you to keep track of pharmacy inventory in real time, meaning that you don’t ever over- or under order? Does it check if the patient’s insurance will cover this particular prescription? Is it secure, yet can be accessed on any device?  You should be asking all of these questions before making a the switch to your next Georgia pharmacy dispensing provider.

  • Physician dispensing Georgia – Is the pricing competitive

You may not know this already, but different physician dispensing companies in Georgia have different pricing. In short, some charge more, and some charge less. Choosing a company which has more competitive pricing, means that you can offer patients and insurance companies affordable pharmacy, while still making a profit for your practice. It’s a so called win-win-win – for the patient, the insurance company, and your practice.

  • If something goes wrong, is there someone around to help?

In this modern world, where customer service is often provided on a different continent, in an accent you may or may not understand, this is an increasingly important question. If something goes wrong – or you urgently need help – does your Georgia physician dispensing company provide you with a rep who will respond to your needs in a quick and efficient manner? Will they take the time to come into your office to ensure you are set up correctly and can customize the process to fit the specific needs of your practice? This is perhaps one of the most important questions of all, so be sure to ask it!

About First Coast Health Solutions – a leading Georgia physician dispensing provider

With regards to the above three questions, First Coast Health Solutions considers itself to be one of the leading physician dispensing providers in Georgia. If you are looking for a Georgia physician dispensing provider with a modern, easy-to-use system, competitive pricing, and a personal representative to meet all of your local, specific needs, then First Coast Health Solutions is likely a good fit for your practice.


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