Red Castle Services is now a Google Partner!

We’ve just received some awesome news: Red Castle Services Inc. is now an official Google Partner!


Obtaining the Google Partner badge is far from easy and it’s an achievement that  both loGoogle Ads for Doctors  %Post Titlecal and global digital marketing agencies (like us!), ad agencies, and other online marketing professionals strive for. Put simply, it means that we are duly recognized for having the necessary Google Ads skills and expertise to optimize your campaigns and help our clients to get great results.


To receive Google Partner status, our team has consistently worked hard to meet Google’s high standards and requirements. Here at Red Castle Services, we are all very proud to have been recognized by Google as a digital marketing agency that creates value for our clients.


What this means for you, our clients:


Work with confidence!

By working with a Google Partner digital agency like Red Castle Services, you will be confidently working with highly-trained  experts who can run effective Google platform campaigns for your practice. Google Partner agencies will help you produce the best campaign and let you get your money’s worth.


Google Partners stay in-the-know

Having special access to exclusive Google events, training, studies, and the latest news is certainly one of the advantages a Google Partner agency can enjoy. Google requires its partners to stay updated with all the latest changes on their services. This also means we will be obligated to take recertification exams to ensure that we keep our knowledge fresh.


We do what we say - the Google way!

Working with a Google Partner means you have reassurance that we can set up and manage your Google Ad campaigns to achieve great results for your medical practice. We need to consistently practice using these Google products to discover innovative techniques to improve our digital campaigns. Additionally, Google actually requires us to keep doing what we do to keep up with the latest changes in their products and services.


We get access to beta features

Google is known to constantly (and silently) introduce new features to their products to test out and we’re now a part of that clique! Put simply, our clients will now have access to those beta features that we can try in order to help improve their campaigns.


Marketing companies that are not Google Partners DON’T HAVE ACCESS to these beta features which essentially translates to our clients having an advantage over their competitors when it comes to those new and upcoming features.


We’re working directly with Google

One of the best perks we’re getting as a Google Partner is that we’re now working directly with Google. The point is, we’re using products within the Google ecosystem apart from being the market-leading (by a far margin) search engine that online users utilize to do searches. That’s why having direct access to their representatives would mean a great deal in untying knots in our campaigns (READ: we have a direct line to them!).


You can be sure that we will provide you with excellent service

It is imperative that Google Partners provide a 5-star service to their clients - and Google makes sure of that. To maintain our status, we need to keep up with their stringent standards by brushing up on our knowledge, obtaining certificates, and accomplishing training from Google itself. In that respect, hiring us means you can only expect the best service to get your hard-earned money’s worth.


With that said, our team is committed to continuously improve and innovate our digital marketing skills and expertise needed to help you reach your goals and the Google Partner badge is a testament to that!


If you’re looking for an agency to help you manage, run your Google Ad campaigns, and grow your practice, get in touch with the Red Castle Services team and we’ll gladly discuss how we can help you.

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