3 reasons to choose the Guardian REHABILITATOR Brace

Anyone who suffers from knee pain knows how difficult it can get. Osteoarthritis is a painful condition that prevents you from performing everyday activities, such as standing up, driving, or even walking. There are many factors that can contribute to developing pain and stiffness in the knee joint, including bad diet and not getting enough exercise, however, certain forms of osteoarthritis can also develop due to genetic predisposition, which means that a certain percentage of people are basically destined to experience that condition. Are there any effective ways to cure knee pain? Short answer - no. Unfortunately, osteoarthritis is a chronic disease and there is no way to cure it completely. However, there are ways to lessen the severity of its symptoms.

Many orthopedic doctors recommend a total knee replacement as the best treatment, but it is of course a very invasive surgery, and the patient is forced to face a long period of rehabilitation. Fortunately, there is a way to significantly reduce the pain and get back to normal life without the necessity to undergo a complicated AND expensive procedure. The Guardian REHABILITATOR Brace (Guardian brace) is a system proven to be highly effective in alleviating pain in the knee joint. According to patients’ testimonials, the Guardian Brace reduced their pain from 7 to 2 on a 10-point-pain scale and allowed them to get back to everyday activities they thought they’d never be able to perform again. If you are also suffering from osteoarthritis and are looking for the best solution to ease the burden, here are 3 reasons to choose  Guardian REHABILITATOR Brace

1. Quick results

Unlike many other traditional knee braces, the Guardian Brace allows you to see the results as quickly as within just 3 months of wearing it. It not only supports the knee (and therefore significantly lessens the pain) but actually strengthens the affected leg and delays the progression of osteoarthritis. According to the 2014 study, the use of the Guardian Brace increases the strength of quadriceps by 54.1% and hamstrings - by 27.7%. It also improves functional capabilities as well as enhances gait biomechanics.

Click here to read the full study.

2. Comfort

Patients praise the Guardian Brace for its comfort. According to one of the patients, the sleeve ‘doesn’t get in the way at all’ and therefore allows him to wear it at all times. It is an important factor, because the more patients wear the brace, the sooner they are able to see the results. What’s crucial is that the Guardian Brace effectively reduces pain not only while being worn, but also after it has been removed. It is also easy to put on and take off so not only it is simple to use but also allows the patient to have maximum independence and comfort.

3. Better effectiveness in comparison to other traditional forms of treatment

As mentioned in the introduction, the Guardian Brace is a great alternative to knee replacement surgery. It saves the patient a lot of stress, as well as the burden of a long rehabilitation period. It is also the only brace clinically proven to be more effective than exercise alone to delay the progression of knee osteoarthritis. Unlike any other brace available on the market, the Guardian brace provides support, protects the knee joint, and makes it significantly stronger.

Why go through a painful surgery or try out a string of other expensive treatments, when the best possible option is right here and ready to be used? It may even be covered by your insurance, so why not give it a try and get rid of the excruciating knee pain? If you have any questions, visit www.kneepainnow.com and receive professional advice now!

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