How can I get my medical website top of Google?

Can you relate to this scenario? You realized that - in today's world - your medical practice needed a website. So you found a company or person to build one for you. After a lot of back-and-forth, they finally finished the site. The site goes LIVE! And... NOTHING. What? Wait? All that effort for NOTHING? Why aren't the phones ringing off the hook with new patients?!

You have probably realized by now, but the answer is simple. Having a website - and having one patients can find - are two very different things.

So how can I get my medical website top of Google?

No matter whatever anyone tells you, essentially there are TWO main ways to get your website top of Google:

1. Google Adwords

Google Adwords refers to the sponsored listings which appear at the top of Google search results. Put simply, companies pay for their website to appear top of search results.

The great thing about Adwords is that results can be immediate. Within a few hours, your Adwords account can be set up and patients can be clicking on your site. Another great feature is that you can target people within a certain radius of your practice. This ensures that your budge is not wasted on people too far aware to realistically become patients of your practice.

The downside is that you need to pay per click. This can add up quickly, so for those with a small budget, Adwords may not be the best option.

Read more about Google Adwords for Doctors.

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2. Organic SEO

What is organic SEO? Don't worry, it has nothing to do with produce or farming! Organic SEO refers to the process of getting your website top of Google's real search results. This means that your site appears as one of the 10 search results below the sponsored ads.

There are some great advantages of this. First, the large majority of people click on these real search results, NOT the paid ads. 71.33% of searches result in an organic click. Second, you do not pay per click, which makes it more affordable than Google Adwords. The only downside to organic SEO is that it takes longer (than Adwords) to implement. Read more about Medical SEO.

Which is better for my practice - Google Adwords or Organic SEO?

The answer to this question depends on your practice. If you need immediate results and the cost is not a problem, then Google Adwords is your best bet. However, if you are thinking more long term and strategically, then organic SEO is a more sustainable option. Some practices often choose to combine both Adwords and Organic SEO. The Adwords budget can be set to a relatively low figure, ensuring that you do not spend too much, but enough to provide a small flow of new patients. Simultaneously, the organic SEO campaign can be started, ensuring your practice is positioning itself to appear top of Google's real search results in the long term.

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Red Castle Services specializes in Online Marketing for Doctors. In today's world, one of the best way to get new patients is appearing top of Google's search results. This is why Red Castle has a strong focus on Medical SEO and Google Adwords for Doctors. This includes SEO in the following areas:

Ranking top of Google is only worthwhile if patients will like what they see. For this reason, we also specialize in Medical Website Design (to build websites doctors can be proud of), plus Online Reputation Management for Doctors (ensuring your doctors have 5 star reputations which patients can trust).

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