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Hudson Weight Loss – You’re doing it wrong! – 3 dieting myths debunked

According to our Hudson Weight Loss Specialist, dieting and losing weight can go two different directions – it can either become a new healthy way of living that keeps your mind and body happy OR it can be a frustrating experience that makes you miserable and discouraged. Whether you succeed or not depends mostly on your knowledge about food and how it affects your body. Sadly, there are many harmful myths out there that throw many people of course and make the experience of losing weight a painful process. In this article, we will debunk 3 (out of many!) popular dieting beliefs that make your efforts to lose weight futile:

1. Fasting will make you lose weight faster

Many people seem to believe that a drastic decrease of calories will make them lose weight faster. The logic behind this one is that the less calories you digest, the more weight you lose. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way at all. Calories equal energy – if you don’t provide your body with enough calories, it won’t have the energy to function, which will make you feel exhausted. Moreover, it will cause your metabolism to slow down, which in result will make you gain weight instead of losing it.

2. Eating fat is bad for you

Another popular belief is that…. to read the full article visit Batista Weight Loss Website here.

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