Is your medical practice 'beginning with the end in mind'?

When opening a new medical practice, doctors often have a number of motivations, such as more agency, more control, or even selling to an investor a few years down the line. Often what happens, however, is that they get pulled into the day-to-day of running the practice and lose sight of the original goals. 

In this blog post, we explore this idea, as well as explain how Red Castle Services' Online Marketing for Doctors can help you reach your original end goals.
Begin with the end in mind

Introduction: Begin with the end in mind

7 habits

Let me start with a confession: About 15 years ago I delved into the self-help literature and read the book ‘The 7 Habits of HIghly Effective People’ by Stephen Covey. One of the ideas that has stuck with me is Habit number 2: “Begin with the end in mind”. 

What he means here is that, when you start work on something, you should ask yourself ‘what is the end goal?’ Because that answer will determine how you go about the work.

The exact same logic applies to running a medical practice. Why, after all, did you decide to open and run your own practice? And—importantly—is your practice on track to achieve these end goals?

Case study: Dr. Smith

Let’s take one of our clients as an example and we’ll give them the alias of Dr. Smith.

5 years ago Dr. Smith opened her own practice. Her main reasons were as follows:
1. To be her own boss and to have more freedom in deciding how things are done, for example, choosing what types of patients she enjoys treating the most;
2. To make more money;
3. Eventually, to sell the practice and then transition to other meaningful pursuits in life.

However, until last year, things were not going to plan. Instead of having more freedom, she was working more hours than a regular job, and making less money than if she were working for another practice. Worse still, with low-profit margins, her practice was a long way off being an attractive investment for prospective buyers.

What changed?
It was around this time when a friend put her in touch with us. Speak to Red Castle, she was told—they can help.

6 months later and the following has happened:

1. She has a regular inflow of 100 new patients per month for the conditions she loves to treat, plus with higher rates of reimbursement than other patient demographics.

2. Her practice is positioned for the future of healthcare—that is to say—digitalized and online. 90% of her new patients now find her online.

3. Her online Google reputation has jumped from 3 stars to 4.8 stars.

4. Her website is ranked #1 on Google for 20 search terms related to her specialty.

5. Her cost per new patient lead has decreased by 50%, as more of her leads come from organic search, as well as more optimized paid campaigns.

Best of all, because her practice is now more profitable—and is well situated in terms of its online presence—it has become very appealing to investors and she is already in negotiations with a prospective buyer. Put simply, she is finally starting to achieve her originals goals of starting the practice.

5 ways Red Castle can help medical practices achieve their end goals

Are you ‘beginning with the end in mind’?  Are you on track to meet your original goals for starting your own practice? 

If not, we can help in the following ways.

1. Get over 90% of your new patient referrals from online sources

Is your practice already leveraging the power of the internet? If not, we can help. 

These days, a huge number of patients are finding their next doctor online. Let us help you to capture your share of these patients—transitioning your practice into a modern facility with a regular flow of new, online patient referrals.
Online marketing for Doctors
target patients

2. Increase the types of new patient referrals that you want to treat

Have you ever signed a 12-month agreement only to regret it 3 months later?  Well, with Red Castle Services that won't happen.

We believe that Doctors should only stay with us if they like our services.

For this reason, all of our agreements are month-to-month. And—impressively—we still have a client retention rate of 95%!

3. Position your medical practice as the leading online presence in your field

The future of medical marketing for physician practices, whether we like it or not, is online. Prospective investors know this, so it is a big selling point if you can position your practice to be a leading online presence in your field.

Specifically, Red Castle Services can help present you as an authority of your specialty, while also making your practice easier to find through SEO for doctors. We can also improve your Google Business Profile's rating with our Online Reputation Management for Doctors.

increase web traffic for medical clinic

4. Rank top of Google for search terms related to your specialty

These days, when someone is sick or injured, the number one place to search for a doctor is online. And, let's be honest, almost all of these people are heading straight to Google. The question is, however, how easy is your practice to find when they search for your services?

Put simply, there are two ways to rank top of Google. First, there is paid search. Learn more about Google Ads for Doctors. Second, there is organic search. Learn more about SEO services for doctors.

Unlike PatientPop, our sole focus is on increasing new patient referrals to your practice

Whether it's our SEO services for doctors, Google Ads for Doctors, or medical website design, everything we do links back to this overarching goal.


5. Decrease your cost per new patient lead 

Once you have set up a regular flow of new patient leads, a key performance indicator of your campaigns is the cost per new lead. Put simply, how much is each new patient acquisition costing your practice? 

Red Castle can help you decrease your cost per lead. We do this via our best-in-class SEO services, as well as through optimizing your Google Ads & Facebook Ads for Doctors campaigns. In general, the longer you stay with us, the lower your cost per lead becomes.

Email marketing for doctors ROI

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