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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a form of regenerative medicine which makes use of a mixture of the patient’s blood to help heal injuries. This blood is injected into the ligaments, tendons, joints and muscles to improve the patient’s musculoskeletal issues.

One common musculoskeletal condition is osteoarthritis of the spine or spinal osteoarthritis, which is prevalent among 40 to 85 percent of older people, according to the Current Rheumatology Reports. This is a degenerative joint disease is characterized by the breakdown of the discs and joints from the patient’s neck down to the lower back.

While osteoarthritis of the spine develops in old age due to wear and tear, it may also happen to people who have experienced physical trauma or are suffering from a genetic defect. Regardless, osteoarthritis of the spine leads to back pain or discomfort, or numbness and weakness of the arms or legs, according to WebMD.

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