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Did you know that each year nearly 1.3 million people die in car crashes and 20 – 50 million are injured every year?

Knowing these numbers, you can consider yourself fortunate if you survive a car accident. However, if you got involved in a minor or major car accident and you don’t seem to have sustained injuries, you still ought to visit our auto injury clinic for a medical evaluation as certain symptoms might not show up immediately. If left untreated, they may result in further complications.

Headaches are common among the later-onset car accident injuries. They can be considered one of the most disabling injuries people have after an accident. Even if you did not hit your head in the accident, you may develop a headache a few hours, days, or even a week afterwards. Some people who suffer from head pain before an auto accident might find that their headaches become more painful or persistent. Neurologists often refer to headaches after car accidents as post-traumatic headaches. But aside from post-traumatic headaches, there are also other root causes of headaches that occur after a vehicular accident.

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