Latest update from our cliens, Knee Pain Now: Arthritis knee brace – did you know these three things?

If you are someone who has experienced knee problems – through age or through injury – you may already be familiar with knee braces. However, if you are new to knee braces, you may be asking some of the following questions: What is an arthritis knee brace? Who is it for? What are its advantages and disadvantages? How is it going to help me? Where can you get it? Keep reading to get answers for these and more questions about our arthritis knee brace!

1. What is a knee brace?

Patients with knee arthritis are always looking for ways to lessen the pain and make the struggle easier. For those patients, the answer is the Guardian Rehabilitator™ arthritis knee brace. It is proven to not only delay the progression of knee osteoarthritis, but it actually makes the knee stronger. Here are some numbers to prove it. In published clinical studies, after 90 days of brace wear:

  • patients with knee arthritis had a decrease in unbraced knee pain of 43%,
  • increased quad strength of 54%,
  • increased hamstring strength of 28%.
  • unbraced, patients were able to walk 11% faster and climb stairs much easier
  • the forces that wear away cartilage in the knee joint were reduced by 27%

2. Who is the arthritis knee brace for?

The Guardian Rehabilitator™ arthritis knee brace is intended for patients experiencing knee pain of various kinds, e.g. osteoarthritis or knee injury. It is also during postoperative rehabilitation to ensure the patient regains the knee capability as soon as possible. Our arthritis knee brace not only lessens the pain, but it actually simultaneously helps to strengthen the knee. It is designed to improve your gait and strengthen the leg while you simply walk when wearing the brace. In addition, studies have shown that using The Guardian Rehabilitator™ knee brace is even more effective than exercise. If you’re struggling with any kind of knee pain, the Guardian Rehabilitator™ arthritis knee brace is your best choice.

3. Where can I get more information about the Guardian Rehabilitator™ knee brace?

If you’d like to find out more about our arthritis knee brace, simply contact us today – we are more than happy to answer any of your questions. You can also visit our website where we publish new information about the Guardian Rehabilitator™ arthritis knee brace every two weeks. To receive tips and resources to help you live a life without limits, you can sign up for our newsletter.

You don’t need to suffer in pain – get your life and health back on track with the Guardian Rehabilitator™ arthritis knee brace today.

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